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Welcome to XL2, where the pursuit of excellence transcends the ordinary and reaches for the extraordinary. Our enigmatic name, a fusion of Roman numerals “XL” denoting the fortuitous 40 and the mystical digit “2,” resonates with the universal mysteries that inspire us daily. Just as “42” stands as the enigmatic answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, our team strives to be the answer to your small business challenges.

Our cadre of seasoned technicians and adept system administrators are masters of their craft. We specialize in configuring, installing, diagnosing, fixing, and maintaining the technological lifelines of small businesses. At XL2, the very essence of our mission is rooted in teamwork. We are well aware that perfection is elusive, yet, our unwavering commitment to long-term relationships propels us to consistently exceed your expectations.

In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we leverage the latest technology to support our customers with cutting-edge solutions that elevate the operational efficiency of their businesses. With over a century of combined experience, we are not just experts in the field; we are the pioneers of tomorrow’s innovations.

With an impressive track record of  completed projects, we continue to pioneer and thrive in the dynamic landscape of modern technology. Our domain expertise extends to the forefront of the latest technologies, keeping us at the vanguard of innovation. It’s no wonder that our dedicated clientele returns with unwavering loyalty, providing us with the positive feedback that fuels our relentless pursuit of excellence.

XL2: We may not hold the answer to the Ultimate Question, but we are dedicated to ensuring that your small business is more than just satisfied. We are here to help you navigate the complexities of the universe of technology, and we’ll continue to do so for years to come.

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Craig Hollins


At XL2, we wholeheartedly adopt the age-old adage of “eating our own dog food.” While the saying may be blunt, it encapsulates our commitment to utilizing the very technologies we champion, ensuring that what we support in your business, we exemplify in our own.

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